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Bygone Old Days...

Bygone Old Days... from M.S on Vimeo.


Just by the simple notes being played on the background, the heart is awoken.
Confusion, Desire, Madness...

To be swept away, letting the flow of the beat to take you away.
Away, where a pair of soft hands and sweet words are surrounded by magnificent clouds of dreams.
A breath of surprise, and our lips are sealed forevermore.

This wonderful dream of existence, bliss and joy.
A simple romantic tune to wash away the sad tears that have been cried in the past.
Soaring up, in a red plane that was created with desire for opening new paths.

No words can describe his ways.
Always a gentleman, always someone that you can rely on. 
He flies, flies to that dreaming existence of bliss where her song becomes his anthem,
And now there is nothing more to wish for.

No need to bid farewells, because the sky is always up there.
Closing my eyes, I dream of you dancing this melody with me.
In a soft exchange where our lips shall meet,  we open a new door.

A new door, always lost in the world of clouds and where our only key resides in that red plane.
That red plane that represents the scent of madness and love.
If only you could take me away...
Won't you try to win my heart?

I bid farewell to the past and open my eyes to the smiling sunshine.
I look for nothing more that adventure in this crazy ride called life.

Want to share it with me?
Want to hold my hand? Want to steal my breath away as we whisper the name of each other?

To be simply washed away, to have my heart won over.
To desire for a new morning, where the red plane is always willing to take me up high...

I bid goodbye to the old days, and simply make a wish.
Someday, maybe soon...

My red plane will set flight.
To a whole new adventure.

To you.



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