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And I shall come back from the ashes that were once myself...

Spirited Away


How many times have I lost myself in this sea of tears?
So many memoirs, all now blurry because of time.
Seeking for that song that once made me feel alive, I sigh.
I have no idea what lies in the future, nor am I trying to pretend that I do.
I just wish that somehow, this memories that protect me will remain true.
Even if my most desired dream is still unknown, I wish I had someone that could provide me with comfort.
Is it really too much to ask?
To simply allow my heart to wither and die... would be so lonely.
I want to love someone.
I want to protect someone.

My heart aches when all I think about is darkness and pain.
Why, then, can I not love?
Is my head really that strong? Is my heart really that weak?
I know I am noble, and seek nothing but truth.
And yet, this flames that burn my past away, are nothing but a blessing.
I want to rise again.
I want to fly again.
To become one with the wind, to allow my power to be awaken...
I shall come back from the ashes that were once myself.
For my sake.
For your sake.
I simply want... to be spirited away.

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