29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina. (makeiri) wrote,
29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina.


Ahh! Lo amo!

"I cannot express my gratitude enough.

And everyone writing to me such truly wonderful messages like "Thank you for being born into this world" or "Because Mamo smiles, I smile too"...

From the very bottom of my heart, I am so glad to be doing what I'm doing.
From here on as well, I'm going to continue on doing this work.

That fact that what I'm doing is actually for someone......

makes me so happy.

As I thought, I want to be able to go and join together these "smiles".
So that I, myself, can become happy with everyone's smile,
With my "smile",

With my "activities"

I want to connect everyone...

I want to connect "the world"...

I'm probably saying something completely outrageous. I may have made someone laugh with this, but...

It's what I seriously think.

That's the type of activity that I want to go and do.

That's the type of "Way of living" that I want to do.

I want to fill the world with the "happiness" that I'm feeling right now."
Tags: mamo
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