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More fun~

I promise I will stop spamming so much. This is the last batch for a good time, so please take your time to check them out and have FUN!

Cutest game...EVER.

Just cool xD
But.. I like THIS one better <3

Grafitti Creator. The names says it all!

Oreo cookies... fried?!

This is a very cool sites. It let's you download series like Dr.House and Friends in format for your ipod! I think they are in english with spanish subs, although that is just me speculating. I thought maybe some of you would find in interesting, so I post the link here.

Link and Zelda Optical Illusion. I assure you, it WORKS! And great, too!! Be amazed by clicking here and following the instructions!

Anyone want Free Fonts?

I was amazede when I saw THIS. My science teacher sent it to me via msn xD

Drawing lessons! I will start using them soon! <3

Picasso Head? You read right! Fun ^^

You love to play things like mazes and stuff? Then THIS site is for you!

Photoshop Tutorials, too! (I should check THIS ones out too)

If you like to see cool flash stuff, this might interest you> click

Ah! Who said a dirty car was no good? It can help you create ART after all.

Vector Magic! Useful~

Sketch Swap! You draw something, send it to someone... and receive in an instant a drawing for you!~ It is easy, fun and you can meet great artists right there. Try it at least once and have fun!! <3

Custom Road Sign
. Sure, why not? x3

This was WOAH to watch. A really great artist, no doubt! <3


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