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Random Post is Random

So I have been able to visit different sites, stumble a bit here and there and find funny videos all around the internet. All of this is probably due to my ability of having loads more free time this semester, not to mention that I am (currently) very organized and keep doing my hws before they are actually due. (I am SO proud of myself I could cry)

So I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, I had to learn to use my LJ a bit more. You know?
Write random fanfiction, post different vids and interesting news I find around the net, etc, etc.


I have collected a lot of random links for the main purpose of fun.  Let the share process begin!!

Power of Dreams. (AND creativity!)
Simply WOAH. Check it out, it really made me realize the power of  creativity.

A funny vid compilation
Some of this really made me laugh out loud. At least ONE has got to make you laugh!

Advance Photo Resizing
I know I WANT this program!!

If you want to discover new videos by yourself.. then use stumble!!~

If you find a cool vid, and you want to share it, feel free to email me or leave a post and I will make sure to put it in a list of recommended videos. I will continue to post cool videos I find in my LJ anyway! Any recommendations are welcome!!


Very useful tips for writing. Have helped me to realize just how lame I can write sometimes, lol

I love this site. I enjoy making new designs every day <3.

One word, so many thoughts! I do one word daily, and it has helped me to write down the main ideas that come to my mind in a faster way. Why don't YOU TRY?

Door. One of the most amazing flash works I have ever seen.

Want to watch TV in your computer? A guide to many sites that can help you do that are found here.

AMAZING ART. Want to be shocked? Then check this out.

Wii~! Blue balls all over~~... here

More to come VERY SOON!!
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