29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina. (makeiri) wrote,
29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina.

Random Poetry... x-x

Old poems, not my best but with a deep meaning for me. Thought I might as well post them here instead of letting them fade away in time. Hope you like! :3


Everything you ever believed in...
everything you ever thought was real...
all of that has disappeared,
and now you stand alone.
Dead flowers are the only beautiful thing that remains
from lost memories that have died in the rain.
The echo of a child's cry in the distance can be heard,
and the dead rose flowers in a world of unbeareable pain.
Words mean nothing.
Silence is the voice of the dead.
All hope, all love, all you ever thought was real
slowly fades in the mist of silence as you can only stand here.
Welcome, my dear
Welcome to a new world.
Now you know that lies are real,
and that there can be no hope at all

No matter what happens...
new paths will open, a light will appear
Memories won't be forgotten...
And friendships will be cherished for years and for years...
Even when we feel that everything around us is wrong...
or that maybe something was just not meant to be so...
we have to prove, more to ourselves than to others...
that we will follow our path, in a way or another. =)
And so, it will keep unfolding and unfolding
Revealing new people, mysteries and wonders.
We will follow till the end.
With a treasure in our story.
And what is this treasure, this unique memory?
The answer is simple, but also very deep.
We are NEVER alone, even when so it seems.
We think we bid farewell, but it is just a new beginning.

A new start, a new end... a new experience to live with.
You are never alone, and everything will be fine =)
Because for you, friends there are... and a new
beginning will start!

Hold Me

Everytime I find myself in your arms..
I can't describe just how I feel protected.
Such a feeling of happiness... such a feling of freedom...
Please, hold me once again... make me feel this way....
Why do I miss your presence? Why do I miss your arms?
Why when you hold me....my world stops to become a new fantasy...?
Being in your arms makes me feel unique and sorrounded in peace.
When you see me unhappy, please.... hold me.

Wondering about the reason...
wondering about the emotion...
wondering about your heart.
Don't you feel the same way?

If you don't... then why when you hold me...
I feel such a strong connection between us?
Such a feeling of understanding...
An emotion hard to describe.
Though I am not able to understand,
I know for sure that I feel in a special way.
Feeling protected in your arms...
my fears dissappearing to your light...

Hold me
Hold me when I feel afraid
Hold me when you see me sad
Hold me even when I don't ask you to...
Hold me.... when you see I need your embrace once more....
As time flows by,
I remember your eyes.
Stand at my side...
Be there for me.
Embrace me once more...
make me feel free.>
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