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Thanks :3 /// Wonder thoughts~


I love having such a faithful friend,

a close person to rely on when I thought I was by myself.

Always there to watch my tears and speak wise words that make me think.

How can you thank someone when they save you from yourself?

I can’t but just smile and learn from my mistakes.

 Regardless of how bad it had begun,

my day is now bright and full of growth.

Laughter, smiles, trust and a positive mind.

I feel strong and supported from the heart.

Thank you!! ^^


Ayer pasaron muchas cosas que me hicieron reflexionar. Y bien, debo admitir que si no hubiera sido por el apoyo incondicional que recibi en mi momento mas "adasdasd" probablemente mi viernes habria sido un mega epic fail xD

En realidad estoy muy agradecida por tener unas amistades tan especiales. Much love! <3


A blog with a new idea and focus: A Blog For the World.

No personal angst, personal dreams, nor personal fears.
Simply put, a blog written directly for YOU.
Wherever you might be...

Entries will be written in english, for I know it is one of the most used languages in the interwebs! xD
My LJ will keep on being my own, personal, story-sharing, ranting space. (Yes, I do adore my LJ. It is like my online journal XD)

But I wanted to create a blog where I could share my thoughts with just anyone that happened to find it.
Writing this entry in my LJ to remind myself to actually USE the blog and update it every now and then.
I don't really expect readers, but if someone reads my words and finds them useful, I will feel blessed.

No personal problems, nor events of my life. Just blog entries that will help me share with the world just how wonderful it is to be alive, to smile, to laugh, to enjoy and to be.

All you need to know from me is that I want to share this with you.

If you want to receive my gift, it is up to you...

Wonder Thoughts, My Blog for the World

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