29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina. (makeiri) wrote,
29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina.


Every day, a new story unfolds...

  • 06:45 Dear HW: Bwahaha! Yay! I just finished you!! *w* ~ Now I have to eat breakfast and hurry to be in time for my Japanese class XD
  • 08:28 OMG!! Mi profe de Japo se puso a hablar de Ponyo!! *w* Dice que algun dia traera el DVD que tiene y que la veremos en clase~ *baila*
  • 16:14 Working like crazy. Writing a song. Talking about bugs. I love my friends, they rock!
  • 21:28 Caaaaaaaambios extraños que hay en mi~* (8) We're gonna make this WORK. I know it!! <3
  • 23:20 Just random, weird, wtf, lol stuff... xD bit.ly/47cQn
  • 23:26 I really respect them. You must be really confident to do this kind of stuff...<3 bit.ly/mPC2C
  • 23:40 PAPA OOM MOW MOW~*
  • 00:00 The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.~* -Paul Valery

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