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  • 00:38 Time to rest. Last piano class tomorrow before trip...I have to give my best effort!!<3 Goodnight, everyone~* Cherish your loved ones daily!
  • 02:56 Well, it's 3am and I am still awake. This kinda sucks xD
  • 02:59 Posting random fun links! Let's start! First..Credit Card Prank! Fun stuff! It made me smile while reading www.zug.com/pranks/credit/
  • 03:03 One Word, so little time! I love this web site, it is fun to see what pops into your mind! www.oneword.com/
  • 03:06 "Art is a Creation" This beautiful piece of art made me say "wow"! www.mangabullet.com/art/59228
  • 03:08 If I were the teacher, I would say it's ok!
  • 03:10 "It's okay Mario... No one saw that." ... or did they? I recommend this webcomic!! Awesome!~*
  • 03:13 I always hated when that happened to me on the Zelda games!! xD www.brawlinthefamily.com/comic045.html
  • 03:21 Alguna vez se te ha quedado pegada una cancion...? :P
  • 03:24 Nya~* Miyano Mamoru will voice Ling in the new FMA anime!! >w< I am happy because of that! More Mamo lovee~ <3
  • 03:34 Well, I hope you guys enjoy the links I posted. Random stuff is always good for you! <3 Goodnight!! Remember to smile!! :D
  • 20:07 Ah, piano class is over. I am so glad I did well! Had a deep conversation with my teacher, too :)
  • 20:16 Hora de empacar~* Agh, se supone que es lo que he estado haciendo todo el dia, pero mi maleta sigue estando demasiado vacia D:
  • 20:22 bit.ly/3mvI7U
    <- Rollercoaster Tycoon Massacre. It's fun how you can find random stuff while browsing youtube
  • 20:36 Ok, so I have decided I WILL start packing... now. Really. I need to be a little more organized! Dx
  • 20:39 Ok, menti xD Me puse a leer Bunsen. Amo Bunsen.. LEANLO!! XD
  • 20:44 www.flickr.com/photos/w00kie/sets/180637/show/ <-Solo puedo decir: "Woah" // Ahora si, Bunsen leido y random link posteado..empacare!
  • 21:34 Packing almost done. I think I will take a break and watch a movie with my sis! :)

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