29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina. (makeiri) wrote,
29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina.

Imma Spammer Dx

Every day, a new story unfolds...

  • 00:50 *sigh* Looking back, I really spammed tonight =/ I feel kinda lame xD
  • 01:13 Sometimes it takes time, but it really is a wonderful gift to let time pass by and slowly let the first impression behind~*
  • 01:18 Sometimes we like to pretend we know someone, and we easily judge. When you take your time and meet said person, respect and friendship grow
  • 01:21 I can keep a secret~* No need to be afraid. The important matter to consider is if the secret will keep itself xD
  • 01:36 bit.ly/o9E4n
    Here comes the sun~*... It's alright ;3
  • 01:55 Hayao Miyazaki, a man that has shared with me so many worlds, so many lessons and so many feelings... He truly is THE man that inspires me.
  • 02:44 Cierro mis ojos y con un suspiro, permito que la sombra del anochecer se lleve mis dudas. Dulces sueños~ Es hora de ir a visitar estrellas..
  • 19:45 Feeling every heartbeat, listening to my soul.
  • 22:10 Open your eyes, enjoy life! No need to dwell on fears from the mind. Discover your wings and fly high! You can surely reach the sky! :)
  • 22:31 Joe Hisaishi... his music transports me to other worlds...to other dimensions. He is my favorite composer. Ever. Such beautiful melodies...
  • 22:56 2 years have passed by. You know I love you with all my heart. My sweet angel, I know you are enjoying heaven... Have a blast! :)
  • 23:05 "Melodies that are shared with the sound of your heart beat...
    The music of your soul is shared with your fresh laughter every night."~ MS
  • 23:09 "Smile, Live, Be and Play.
    And you too will fly and laugh today."~ MS
  • 23:20 Today, it rained hard. But the sun was shining high in the sky. A beautiful rainbow appeared... and I knew it was you... Thank you... :)
  • 23:40 Que no haya duda en tu corazón que aqui estoy yo,un ser que te ama. Hoy me vuelvo uno con los rayos del sol que iluminan tu cara cada mañana

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