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Start of the week. Excited!

Morning! Today I woke up super early (dad leaves for class at 6 am) and saw that the comments on my latest video (explaining about Nimses terms and conditions) has been very well taken by the community. I was specially happy to see some people commenting, telling me that the video had been useful for them to make a decision regarding the app. (Also, I got compliments on my english, which boosts my morale a lot hehe)
Even though the process was a bit frustrating regarding the upload of the 18 minute video (had to re-upload, since the first time I tried the video was cut to 11 minutes by some reason) it feels nice to see that the intention behind the video has been accomplished. I feel content. I feel motivated.
Also, I went to see Aladdin yesterday and IT WAS AMAZING! I really enjoyed it. Glad I decided to watch it, even if I went by myself.
Something I have learned in life is that, life is too short to feel uncomfortable going to the movies by yourself. I enjoy my company now, which is something I have been working on ever since I was a teenager. I had a splendid time and laughed, cried and sang along in my head during the whole movie. Also, I really enjoyed the new song. I want to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I am just gonna say... I identified myself with it.
Anyway! The weekend is over. Time for a brand new week! There are a ton of things going on and I have to be ready for them. Starting with a conference that is going to be taking place (and that is being organized by my host in UT!). I want to help out as much as I can. Also, I need to revise and article, send it (again), work on a couple of applications I am interested in, and finish reading the books for my dissertation (so that I can start writing and translating more). It's gonna be a busy week, specially because I want to sign up to the Gregory Gym and start working out in the mornings, but I will do my best.
Have a great week, everyone!
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