29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina. (makeiri) wrote,
29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina.


Every day, a new story unfolds...

  • 00:08 Happy Bday Mom! Love you so much!! x3
  • 10:52 Good morning world~...
  • 13:10 Organizing my music... it is taking a loong time, but I am at least having fun... kinda :P
  • 13:18 I aplogize for the following: *ahem* DSAKJDLSADKSABDKSADKSAHDLKSAJLKDH!!!!!!!!!! ... *SQUEEE!!*
    Ok, I think I am happy again. TXH!!!
  • 13:28 Today is my mom's Bday, but I think I was the one that received the best present... x3 ... all I need now are scans for my inner fangirl!!D:
  • 13:47 Miyano Mamoru... I love you so much!! >w< // Listening to "Kiss x Kiss"~ <3
  • 14:52 Acabo de spammear cierto blog de manera masiva xD
    Ahora me siento culpable por ello .w.
  • 15:38 Loving this song!! NeverShoutNever! Simple Enough...~ bit.ly/12bh16 <-- good one!! Listen to it!! <3 // :3
  • 19:24 Watching "Cabaret" ~
  • 19:49 bit.ly/Z5Dsh
    <--- <3
  • 21:16 Time to dress up! Going out to a fancy italian restaurant to close mom's bday with a nice dinner! Goodnight, everyone...~

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