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Falling asleep at 6am... orz

Every day, a new story unfolds...

  • 01:40 Listening to Miyano Mamoru ~ I love to listen his voice when the sky is dark. It gives me a comforting feeling... <3
  • 01:50 “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss
  • 01:56 I hope the moment you close your eyes, a wonderful dream will present itself behind your eyelids and make you smile. Goodnight everybody~ <3
  • 05:53 Still awake. I think I better close my eyes sometime soon.
  • 05:59 "The more I think the more I wish...that we could lay here for hours and just reminisce ♫"~ NeverShoutNever / Goodnight~ <3
  • 14:31 I love the green case on my ipod touch~ <3 So shiny and colorful! *w*
  • 15:34 Make not your thoughts your prisons. -- William Shakespeare~
  • 15:44 宮野 真守 ... <3~
  • 15:53 “True goodbyes are the ones never said or explained.”
  • 20:57 I just realized: Hmm... I am hungry!! >:3 *goes to eat something*
  • 21:30 I love to write on colorful paper. It cheers me up when I see a poem written or a story unfold with a beautiful color as the background. ~
  • 21:56 Bummer! Change of plans all over again! I have no one to blame but myself, and yet....
  • 23:00 Today.. I cleaned my room! If you see a pig fly or a parade coming out of your closet.. don't worry. Today is a specially weird day... xD
  • 23:43 Dead tired, going to sleep. The sun shall rise and a new day will start... but for now, let us rest while we can x3 . Love you all!

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