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My Memory Sucks D:

Every day, a new story unfolds...

  • 01:25 Changed the background of my twitter!! Much more colorful, don't you think? xD
  • 01:45 It's a beautiful day! And I am thankful. So many wonderful gifts, so many fun experiences! This joy is everlasting and perfect in every way~
  • 01:49 And so, I am ready to go to bed once again. Days go by so fast when you are vacation! Goodnight, everyone. May you dream beautiful dreams~
  • 12:55 Today is going to be fun!~*
  • 14:47 En el cuarto de mi hermana, jugando DS~ <3
    Me encanta estar de vacaciones, mi gamer interior puede disfrutar del tiempo libre y enviciarme~
  • 15:34 Bwahaha! Me siento poderosa~ <3 @adelortega me followeaa~ Estoy considerando hacer una fiesta virtual para celebrar >:3
  • 17:17 Damn D:
    My memory sucks so much it is sad... OTL
    Y lo peor de todo es que era algo importante para mi!! T___T
    Bummer =/
  • 17:40 Although I feel a bit bummed out because of the change of plans, I guess there is nothing more that can be done. Going to a pool party now..
  • 18:09 Al fin encontre todo lo necesario para irme a casa de Mariana xD
    I hope we can have a great time together... I really need to cheer up...~
  • 22:38 Back from pool party! <3 Going to shower now ^^ // I feel better, but still slightly bummed out... Maybe a relaxing shower will help ;D
  • 22:45 I love the sound of silence. Makes me realize so many things...<3
  • 23:24 bit.ly/LpEDG
    "Pixar Grants Dying Girl's Wish"<- Touched my heart...

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