29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina. (makeiri) wrote,
29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina.

Going to McAllen~

Every day, a new story unfolds...

  • 14:07 Yay! Miyano Mamoru will voice Shujin from Bakuman on the 11th episode of JumpBANG!! This news make me so happy! Miyano Mamoru, I LOVE YOU!!
  • 14:23 Reading "FailBlog" and laughing like crazy... Also, I want to find good fanfiction!~ I wanna read something that makes me droool~ *w*
  • 19:33 Going to McAllen! Dad suddenly got the urge to go, and I am not really complaining x3
  • 19:48 Creo que voy a entrar a un concurso de fanfiction~ Sehh~ A ver que sale de mi cabezota esta vez xDDD
  • 20:19 Well.. I am off~ .... for real this time, lol xD Goodnight everybody~ Sweet dreams and... remember! Don't do something I wouldn't do~ ;D

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