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thank you, goodnight

I feel kinda weird writing this, but I guess I have nowhere else to rant Dx
Son diferentes emociones, todas mezcladas y confundidas...

Dejemos que toda fluya, supongo...

Lo que estoy a punto de escribir no esta realmente hecho con la idea de que alguien mas lo lea. Puede llegar a no tener sentido y ser algo baboso como producto xD
Pero la idea no es hacer algo bueno, simplemente dejar que las emociones fluyan y dejarme ser.

Con esa advertencia dada... here I go!

Sometimes when you think you're touching the sky, part of you believes that just behind the clouds, maybe... there will be a wall that won't allow you to reach higher. Sometimes, when you really think you're on the right track, that life is wonderful simply because of a silly comment or a smile that was shared, you're actually falling deeper to the pond of false hope.
And when you want to reach the clouds, you realize your wings are broken. And when your hope finally dies, the will to get out of the pond to save your life is not that strong.
Why are we sometimes so stupid?
There is no wall, and there is no pond. We are the ones that create them with our fears and our mind. Why must we sometimes support people when we really think that they are losing their time or doing something stupid?
Because if we don't, then we are being not good friends, family, or persons as a whole.
Could an idea be MORE stupid?
Sometimes we have fear of speaking our mind, because we believe we are going to hurt someone else. We take it upon ourselves to shut the hell up and wait to see if they realize their mistakes by hitting a wall or drowining in salt water.
Are we, then, not murderers?
Looking back on my own story, I was sooo stupid and silly myself...
I guess that the best way to help a person to stop suffering, is to let them suffer until they realize that they don't want that anymore.
It is kinda painful for me. I wish I could just take them in my arms and protect each and every one of the persons I love from any fear, pain an danger. But... I guess that would be  too selfish. I guess every person must walk their own path, even if that means they will have to screw up, to finally realize that they have always been in the sky. And not only that, but that they are the sky themselves!
There are no limits. Why is there fear? Why do we limit ourselves in our size or abilities? We have so much power, so much potential, so much to USE! TO BE! Why, then, are we crying ourselves to sleep over stupid matters like a simple fight or a bad ending to a soap opera?!
It is frustrating. And I know I should not allow this to take away my peace. I guess that, if I just can't stand it, the best thing is to apart myself and just keep my arms open, always willing to embrace anyone that comes along. I guess that, maybe wanting things to run MY way is just being stupid all over again. There is knowledge, and there is people that want to learn,
Then, there are those that want to keep themselvs attached to their limitations and fears.
There are other that don't really know what they are doing and just enjoy the ride of a roller coaster, making their happy moments depend on something or someone else.
And I love each and every one of them, and let them be. For me, they are perfect just the way they are. For me, there are unique, beautiful beings that I respect. And I am willing to speak to them, to converse with them, and to give them my opinion and my thoughts when they ask. But if they want to listen to me, it is up to them. If they want to fight with me, I will let them fight alone. If they want to just hang around, let that be. I accept and love them, and am willing to let go.
So with that in mind, I set my ideas free.
I free these people from my worries, from my grasp and from my fears. They are silly,and why should I limit them with that?
They are free, and now, so am I.
I let these feeling surge and appear before me, I let the emotion come in and out. I breathe deeply and let my eyes close for a moment... as I slowly turn my back on the wall and the pond, and the fears and the fake knowledge, along with my stupid wish to control.
And now I smile. Free again. Always so wonderful to let go. Only on this moment. No limitations, no walls and no ponds.
How can I not smile? I just remembered. Again.
Thank you.
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