October 7th, 2019


Dejar fluir. Confiar. Aceptar. Sonreír.
Es un ciclo extraño. Me atrapo queriendo controlar cosas, queriendo que las cosas resulten de tal o tal manera, que las cosas se arreglen, que tal persona esté feliz, que me abran las puertas en algún lugar, que las cosas salgan como las imaginé.
Pero ahora estoy consciente. Y sonrío.
La vida me pone, me mueve, me inspira y me sorprende.
Lo que he estado buscando en el fondo me ha llevado a buscar cosas pasajeras que podrían simular esa paz, esa certeza, esa sensación de complitud que parece siempre evitarme.
Pero ahora comprendo un poquito mejor. Si sigo queriendo que las cosas resulten de una manera específica, estoy desperdiciando mi tiempo y mi energía en querer cambiar lo que es. Y lo que es, es por una razón.
Lo he aceptado. Me he perdonado por haber querido que las cosas fueran distintas. Estoy dispuesta a aceptar mi realidad.
Estoy lista.
Lista para fluir.


Thoughts about Final Cut Pro

Someday, I will OWN Final Cut Pro and use it to edit epic and beautiful videos. (And by own I mean KICK ASS while editing in it, because I DO own Final Cut Pro already, thanks to a very special someone who gifted me the license as a birthday present a couple of months ago)
That day will come. I am sure of it.
But for now, I think I rather give up editing there and just use my good old faithful iMovie for now. This video editing process has been stalled for 3 weeks and I really want to finish the India series before I leave for Spain this week.
Thus.. I will put Final Cut Pro on hold. For now.

Aurora Dreams

#Inktober Day 7: Aurora

This took more than one try, but I don't regret starting over a couple of times. Deep down, I knew that the final piece would not be perfect, but I kept the hope that by the end, I would have something I could be proud of... and, happily, I was right.
See... the thing is: I have never seen an aurora in real life. The only references I have are movies, anime and maybe a picture or two in Google images.
However... the whole concept of auroras has always been fascinating to me. There's something about the colors, the light, the role of the sun... it's a beautiful gift from nature that evokes a dream deep inside my heart. A longing for something indescribable. An exciting possibility. A restart.
I have always longed to see this phenomenon. In my dreams, I always pictured myself watching the lights with someone who held my hand.
After all... who wouldn't want to share a moment like that with someone you trust?
That is the real gift: sharing the moment with those who we love.
In the end, it's all about who cheers you on when you're doubting yourself, who walks by your side even when you're unsure of the path ahead... the people that celebrate your victories and who listen and forgive whenever you make a mistake.
This watercolor piece is imperfect in many ways, but I believe it conveys the wish that resides in my heart. Hopefully, someday, this little piece of dream will become a reality. In the meantime... I'll keep playing with my watercolors :)