July 9th, 2019

The song in my heart

I daydream in the falling snow
I'm wondering if you've found somewhere to go
The ties that bind will always last
Withstanding time for love and friendships past

Ahhh ~ We all make mistakes
It's all about the paths we take
Leave behind the pain you've known
And open up your heart so you can live and learn

(( For surely someday
We'll be together once again
I know that this is not the end
We'll meet again, my friend

And surely some way
I shall repay the love you gave
Memories of you will never fade
I'll find a way to you someday ))

A flower grows beneath the snow
The frozen ice hides a life below
But flames can warm the frigid air
I hope our time brought hope in your despair

Ahhh ~ Past the distant sky
I see a world where lives collide
All that I have learned from you
Will be enough to guide my heart and pull me through

(( repeat ))

The time has come to say goodbye
The road ahead waits so spread your wings and fly