October 5th, 2018

I made a Gaia account

I have been playing the Lake Kindred Origin app a lot lately. I read a bit about it on some forums and found out it was related to Gaia. Gaia looked friendly and fun. You make an account, post on forums, play some games....
In the end, I made an account (my username, Makeiri was available, so yay) mainly to share with the community about my findings related to the app.
In the end.... I got a bit carried away (and lucky with the kitty gacha) and well...
my character ended looking like this by the end of day one.

So... yep. Been fun.
I have no idea if I will keep playing regularly (there is a ton of stuff I have to figure out about work) but for a Friday afternoon, I am quite happy with the end result.

Also, the community seems to be real nice. I received a gift from someone!

So that was that.