August 4th, 2017

My Best Friend is Amazing

I am gonna write about this because I can't think of anything else right now. My heart is racing and there are tears in my eyes and I am just like a happy balloon ready to float away to a different universe, ready to kiss the sun and count the stars. I am ready to fly away, further and further until there is no more light... and there I will pop with joy and end up becoming a star myself.

This is how she makes me feel with her stories.

She is the most creative person I know. Back in the good old days when we had classes together, we would scribble away random dialogue or just make up stories on our msn conversations and it would always be fun. Inspiring. Unique.

I have always loved her ideas and maybe that is the main reason we ended up winning first place in Destination Imagination when we had no script and no idea of what we were gonna do 24 hours before the big day. Together, we could work magic. She was always a step ahead, always shining so bright. I still keep all of her drawings I had to rescue from the trash.

My best friend is creative. Brilliant. Unique. Fascinating.
And I am happy for her and this amazing opportunity to learn more about something she is passionate about.
Honestly, this was no surprise for me.
I knew she was amazing after our first conversation. I fell in love with one of her characters the first day we met.
She has always been fascinating to me. And her stories are something the world deserves. I trust she will find the courage and strength to pursue the path she has chosen.

If anything, I am surprised they spelled her name correctly.
But that is not the point I am trying to make.

I just want to write about this because I want to share it with the world: My best friend is amazing and I am proud and full of joy.

That is all.