June 26th, 2013


I am crying because pie

So.. I was just trying to cool my brain from the load of homework and studying I have been doing lately (seriously guys, summer classes are NO JOKE) when suddenly a video came up in my dashboard.
And I watched it.
And sobbed like the sensible child that I am, deep down.

So... this woman is blind and participating in one of this crazy "MASTERCHEF" competitions or something.
And (apparently) they had to bake a pie. An apple pie.

What surprised me the most was the fact that this blonde kitchen guy (aka Gordon Ramsay) that is normally screaming at people (at least from what I have seen on TV for like a couple of seconds, since I always change the channel when there's  loads of screaming) took the time to say to this woman: "STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF. STOP FEELING UPSET WITH YOURSELF."


Sometimes we are so worried thinking about all the things we're doing wrong, that we're blind to our own creations.

When he asked her "What do you think this pie looks like?" she answered something along the lines of "Like a pile of rubbish"

And that's kind of like how I've been feeling lately.

But maybe, JUST MAYBE, I am actually being too hard on myself. I spend most of my time thinking and worrying of all the things I "could've done better" that I don't actually spend a second or two appreciating all of the things I have been doing right.

So.. maybe there's actually a delicious, crispy, unique apple pie standing right in front of me.
And it's about damn time I take a bite. Or two.

If this blind woman was able to bake a delicious pie and be complimented by one of the meanest people on TV, I can be a little bit less hard on myself. I think.


Edit: Me acabo de dar cuenta que escribí todo eso en inglés.. uh... ok then. That's weird.
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