August 14th, 2010

Productive Monse is Productive

 Revivi mi deviantart
(Click the link. You know you want to! o.o!)

Ahora que ya cumpli con eso...

I'm gonna eat your cookies! 

That is all. For now.

Expect more spam from me.. later :D


P.S 2: I also found some really awesome present options... for my birthday gift from me to myself. But I have no money TwT

P.S 3: Ya le llego su PSP a Hiku ! :D

Let there be peace in our universe

I'm From Another Galaxy by ~makeiryu on deviantART

Greetings fellow stranger, friend, and alien.

My name is not important, but you can always call me Monse.
I come from another world, willing to take time to discover your own thoughts, planets, and dreams.

Simply put, I am just a crazy girl from a far away land.

I love color, art, nature, and friends like you.

I also love to paint with words and share my thoughts.

If you wish to share with me YOUR thoughts, I will feel very lucky indeed.
Let there be peace in our universe.