July 26th, 2010

Dark Magic

 And another day is gone, my head is lost in thought and my heart aches for a new beginning.
There is nothing to worry about, for everything will turn out just find in the end.
And yet, I find myself surrounded by people that believe in illusion and that refuse to follow their inner voice.
Lost, stray in their path.
It's no surprise pain makes you wake up and realize.
Walking side by side, our eyes grow weary.
Maybe this spell is meant to make us all lose our way.
What kind of dark magic lies behind our fears?
That unique death that brings sorrow and pain to both body and soul...
There is no way to escape from it. The story remains the same.
And the hatred in my veins simply grows.

One word, people.

That is all.

Note to self-

 Don't forget to update your display/avvie list in your LJ! o.o
Also, Miyano Mamoru is hawt.
And there is always a reason to smile.


Oh yeah, and you should get ready for school. And stuff.