June 21st, 2010


And I shall come back from the ashes that were once myself...

Spirited Away


How many times have I lost myself in this sea of tears?
So many memoirs, all now blurry because of time.
Seeking for that song that once made me feel alive, I sigh.
I have no idea what lies in the future, nor am I trying to pretend that I do.
I just wish that somehow, this memories that protect me will remain true.
Even if my most desired dream is still unknown, I wish I had someone that could provide me with comfort.
Is it really too much to ask?
To simply allow my heart to wither and die... would be so lonely.
I want to love someone.
I want to protect someone.

My heart aches when all I think about is darkness and pain.
Why, then, can I not love?
Is my head really that strong? Is my heart really that weak?
I know I am noble, and seek nothing but truth.
And yet, this flames that burn my past away, are nothing but a blessing.
I want to rise again.
I want to fly again.
To become one with the wind, to allow my power to be awaken...
I shall come back from the ashes that were once myself.
For my sake.
For your sake.
I simply want... to be spirited away.


Reviewers are Awesome, Wonderful, Epic <3

 I love my reviewers. I would buy them cars and pretty ponies if I could. <3

No importa que escriban con pesima ortografia and stuff.
Cuando me llegan reviews como "interesting id love to here more" no puedo evitar sonreir, aunque haya escrito "here" en lugar de "hear"
And stuff.

Se siente bonito que me digan que tengo talento, y seria tonto negar que me encanta checar mi mail y ver que unas personas agregaron alguno de mis fics en su lista de Favoritos.

Pero la mejor parte de todo eso es simplemente compartir las historias random que pasan por mi mente.

Google se encuentra mucho mejor. Me da mucho gusto eso >w<
En fin... falta exactamente una semana para que me vaya a Asia.

I'm nervous as hell. XDDD

Nothing much to write about. Maybe later.
I missed you, LJ <3