July 3rd, 2009

Why, the sun is rising!

Do you remember my name?

Looking back, I now realize how much I used to suffer, wondering if you even remembered my name.

You see, a long time had passed, and your promise remained but a vague memory of a dream. The whirlwind of emotions that remained locked in my soul were on the verge of exploding.

Yes, I cried at night, called your name in my sleep and even wished on a shooting star to be able to gaze into your deep, honest, and dark green eyes at least once again.

To be honest, even a dream would have made me happy. Bliss beyond imagination, the sweet surrender of my love.

And yet, the silence remained.

Could you even remember my name?

You know, it's a bit weird, but I guess that the hope of the heart never really dies. The sweet murmur of your voice followed me every time the leaves ruffled in the invisible wind of hope.

I smile now. I was quite silly, was I not? After all, you never left my side. Your promise was kept, and I had been wasting tears selfishly.

My beloved... Welcome home.

The sun is rising again. And now I know... You always remembered my name.

I might not be able to see you with my eyes, but I can feel you with my soul.

Let us visit the stars together sometime tonight! I'll be waiting in my dreams, on that special place only you and me know about.

Let us soar together, hand in hand...~*


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