May 22nd, 2009

Just random blabla

I was a bit bored, and so I joined Twitter. Totally random? Maybe. But hey, I had time and Twitter sounds kinda like Twinky!

Also, posting in english because Zero told me to.
It was totally random. Am I repeating myself?
Oh well. It is not like I expect any of this to make sense. It is 3:44 am and I am awake, spamming my (new!) Twitter account and just rambling about it and how I just keep repeating myself. This is totally random.

Ok, I think I might have issues.
I was supposed to be asleep at least 4 HOURS AGO.

*Blames Zero and falls asleep*

Myself: Hi! This is you. I think. I am me, right? And you are me, so we are you. Which is me.
Here is your new Twitter account:
Why did you even make one? I have no idea, you're kinda hard to understand sometimes. (No hard feelings, yeah)