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Just for fuun~

Ahhh, the looove of writing on one's LJ is sooo....uhm...lovable?

Anyway! Just because I have been having a lot of free time lately (maybe...) I think it is just about time for me to practice writing in a relatively frequent basis.

So, my goal from now onward is the following:

Post EVERY day (unless, somehow, something evil were to happen and I have no acces to internet) a short story or a short blabla (either in spanish or english... or even french, if something THAT weird were to happen). Even if it is not finished, or it sucks really really REALLY bad 8D

So that at least I can work on writing at LEAST 45 minutes daily.
Sounds gooood? It sure does, so now the only thing I have to do is...uhm... keep up with it! 8D

Gah, my english is really really really blah right now OTL

But it is kinda motivating to write and write and write and fail and get up and continue writing random blah just because <3

So with that goal in mind, let us start...


Start Time: 8:45 pm


The One and Only

He had been standing in that room for a long time now. Friends, family, and even people he barely knew but that were curious for the reason he had been standing on that very same spot for the last 5 hours had asked him to please, just please, sit down for a couple of minutes and try and explain why he had been acting in such a strange manner that day.

But they had obtained no reply from his stone carved face. Not even a nod, or a reassuring smile. It was frightening, to a point.

The room was starting to become cold, and he knew that. His body began to tremble, but his face did not change. He had decided he would stay there, forever if he had to, until he would be able to see.... at least just for one more second...


OK, ESO fue raro o.O

Weird random thing is weird OTL.

Let us try again with a different story~


Why is that name written in the window, dad?


Aria was a sweet young girl with not a worry on her mind. Her dark soft curls and her innocent huge eyes were quite appealing to the adults, for they always made everything to make her happy. Call it candy or a soft melody to put her to sleep, her parents were more than willing to give her anything she needed or wanted to keep her sweet smile plastered on her thin, pink lips.

However, when Aria turned 7 and began to read and write, she noticed something funny that had not really bothered her before.
There was a name written on the window of her room. And a strange name at that. It was short and simple, not fancy or really "specia" like hers.


She knew a lot of people named Matt. There was Matt the kid from her school. He always tried to make her smile, giving her candy and trying to carry her school bag to every classroom. Matt was nice, but she thought of him to be too simple. Just like his name. There was also Matt, the friend of her dad. The grown up Matt came along every time there was a "BIG GAME", and he sat in their brown chair at the tv room with his big belly and his beer at hand. That Matt was nice, too. He always brought something for Aria. But he was just Matt. He came and went by seasons, and sometimes it seemed like he had to stay at his own house because his wife didn't like him coming and going.

Grown ups were strange.

Even so, the mystery of the name written on that window was starting to bother her, so she went to her mother first. Always loving and patient, her mother stopped making supper as soon as Aria told her she had a question.

"Why is there a name written on my window, mom?"

Silence. And the smile of her mother disappeared.

"What name, Aria?"

Silence. This time, the silence took longer to disappear. And the next sound that Aria's small little ears heard was not her mother's sweet and happy voice. It was a scream. A long, ear-piercing scream.


Hans was the name of her father. Her mother rarely called him that. It was always "darling" or " dear". Not Hans.

Her father arrived with a confused and worried look on his face.

The words her mother spoke made no sense to her.

"She has seen it. Close every door and every window. Drape the curtains. Hide her."

"Hans" said nothing. He just took Aria's hand, and slowly guided her to her room.

There was silence. Aria hated silence. It reminded her of the nights were her parents had fallen asleep and there was no one to sing to her. There was no one to hug her. It was just her and the silence.

But this time she was not alone. Her father was there, too.
So why did she feel so scared? So... uncertain?


Closing the door behind him, her father looked at her and slowly, tears began to form in his eyes.
Aria was alarmed. Her father never cried. Never.

"When you were born, Aria... your mom was not your mother"

No sense. Words without a meaning.

"Matt. He died. They took him. The white, silent spirits of the moon. They took our boy and brought you. They said they were taking our son's soul to feed the moon's light. We cried for him. We mourned our loss. But you were there. You, and your bright dark eyes."

He gently touched her face and smiled.

"However, the white woman told us that as soon as you read Matt's name from the window, they were coming to take you back. And we don't want that, Aria. We want you to stay..."

Confusion. Fear. Anger.

"Dad...? I don't understand. Why is that name written on the window? Dad... Why?"

An explosion. Danger.


Her father...no... Hans. Screaming, begging.

And then, a white figure appearing out of nowhere.

"Why... why is that name written in the window?!"

But this time, she could not hear her own voice. There was only a white, clear light... and the embrace of a white woman.

And then, there was only silence.




I have to go now. My father wants me to go with him to dinner -w-

Ending Time: 9:12

Not the 45 minutes I wanted, but I guess something is better than nothing. OTL

Edit: Names of the second story were all from Mariana 8D
Go check her LJ, epicwhite. It is awesomee~

M out~

Tags: escritos, fun, random
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