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Written via ipod, not detailed and not finished

Day 1
Uff, finally arrived after a bumpy plane flight. There was a lot of turbulance... @.@
I was grateful when my feet were able to touch ground.
Since I barely slept ( packing and all) all I wanted to do was get to the hotel room and sleep.
My first thought when I saw Phuket was: "It's... Raining! Some beach vacations..."

Apparently it will be raining all the days we will stay here. My dad was so thrilled.

Since the hotel room was not ready when we arrived... (2 hours to wait?! All I wanted was a bed!!) we went "shopping"

There were photos of the tsunami on the street... I was deeply moved... :(
Also, for some reason the sellers thought I was french. French? Me? Sorry, I am mexican lol >.<

After that we slept the whole afternoon away, went out to dinner (wanna be mexican food, yay!) and came back to sleep.
So, that is day one. What we are going to do tomorrow depends on the weather. *yawn* Goodnight!

Day 2
Not much, went to the pool, went to the movies... Saw batman.
Bleah Bluh Bleh <.<
After that, ate pizza and went to sleep. Gotta love vacations :3

Day 3
Finally a day without rain!!
Went to the beach and spent the whole day there until it got cloudy again. Yay :D
(no, I didn't get into the sea... But stayed under the sun and had a good nap, he he)

Went to a special show in the night. There were a lot of elephants and dancers.
My little sister wanted to take a picture, but not alone. So I took the special picture with her, which consisted on dressing up in thai clothes.

The bad thing of that day was that I lost my swatch. I mourn the loss, since I had been wearing it for 4 years straight. I really loved it... ;_;

Day 4
Went to Phuket City, took lots of pictures and bought one or two souvenirs. The downside: forgot to put mosquito repelent >.<
Oh well... :P

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