29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina. (makeiri) wrote,
29 años. Soñadora. Creativa. Parlanchina.

As far as I can see...

I have a turmoil of emotions, confusion arises, and to be honest, I lack the ability to understand all that is happening around me.
But truth is that I am actually glad that things are working the way they are working now.
I have no power over anyone.
Not even myself.

Sometimes hurtful ideas or words might escape the lips from the persons I love. But then again, when haven't I been hurtful as well?
I am not going to solve anything with trying to fix the world.
Sure, it might be a noble idea and might have actually helped me feel better if I followed that ideal.
But I am tired of fighting for people that don't even know where they stand.
And thus, I officially give up on the past and all the memories. 

Words were spoken, smiles were shared.
And all was great, I learned a lot from so many wonderful people that will no longer be an important part of my life.
I am thankful, grateful and relieved.
I wish to let go of all my fears and my pain. I am ready now.

I could have been ready next week, or the week before this one.
But it was TODAY that I made up my mind. 
And I'm not turning back. Not for the sake of my pain, my joy, or even you.
Not anymore.
I'm tired of talking to a wall.
I'm tired of feeling alone.
Screw everyone who doesn't care anymore.
Screw everyone who cares too much they have to act like they don't care at all.

It's all about soul.
I'm leaving my window open for a new adventure to show itself.
I'm through with memories and half friendships that are painful.

I'm setting you free.
I'm setting me free.
I'm starting a new journey.
And you are not coming with me.

Goodbye, fear.
Tags: escritos
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