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Nyum... Exam surprise x.x

Yo que estaba preocupada porque iba a tener que hacer la power point presentation de español...

Writing in English now because the iPod is a pain when I try to write in Spanish. Anyways...

I was so worried for the Spanish class presentation and written report!! And also, there was the kanji quiz I had to do. Right?
So there I am, waking up and learnibg new verbs like ryokoushimasu (travel) when Arnulf suddenly turns to look at me with a worried look on his face.

"what would you do if I told you we were having the partial exam today?"





So yeah.. (LOL, kodak phrase)

Today I presented my Japanese partial exam...

How did it go?

Thruthfully, I have a little bit of hope. A lot of the exam was simply listening to a tape and understand what the heck they were saying. If Kami likes me today (OTL) maybe half of the letters I entered randomnly are actually correct.

I was feeling really blea after that. I had two hours to rant about it to the crew of the first free hour and then started checking the written report for Spanish in the second hour.

I think the report ended good. After printing it I had my History Class. We had a game of jeopardy. I must admit I felt a little bit insecure to play. (after all, I was not having a good day)

When I got to play it was fun. Actually I forgot the whole "I have not read history in a long time" thing. I was surprised when they mentioned I had won 2nd place. I don't mind the place I won, but was happy that I had done ok.

Maybe I am not that lost regarding history owo

Used Techno class to finish Spanish, and then presented.

Successsss! 8D

Now I am in math class writting this quickly while they review yesterday's classwork.

Tomorrow I will present my Chemistry Partial and the Kanji test I thought was for today.

I will also receive my grade of the exam I took today (probably).

I really hope I did ok...

Let me hope for a new tomorrow!!~~


Edit: posted this after math, wild life meeting and science review.. ^^

Being in the wild life group made me remember about DI... I wonder when will we do an activity or a meeting? o.o

Oh well~~

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