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 I went to the beach today

I was amazed by the beautiful song that the waves sang.
Who knew that their melody would reach my heart?

I was saddened by the trash that hid itself beneath the sand.
Somehow it made me wonder for the future of mankind.

I was able to see a young couple share a kiss by the bay.
I saw a baby touch the sea for the first time as well.

I found a stick buried in the sand.
I felt the need to pick it up and to keep it in my hand.

There was a sea plant attached to an end.
And so, this stick became my mighty pen.

I wrote the names of people I love in the sand.
I made a wish for their happiness with the power of sand, foam, and heart.

A new wave opened up space in the beautiful canvas of earth for a new drawing to appear.

What words would you write on the sand?
What are the secrets that reside in your mind?

Segundo dia en Phuket!
Ha sido toda una aventura simplemente relajarme y poder perderme en mis pensamientos y fantasias.

La playa es agradable y el clima delicioso. Realmente me la estoy pasando de maravilla! :D

Espero poder escribir un poco mas después, de momento estoy algo cansada después de subir fotografías, mandar mails y jugar Tokimeki.. *ahem* dormir! O algo. Seh. Hola!

Me despido de momento! <3


Felicidaaad <3

Realmente me merezco algo asi?

So happy... <3
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